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All the written material on this web site is sexually explicit and only involves characters over the age of 18. The content includes graphic descriptions of BDSM and other fetishes that may offend you. If in doubt please do not enter.

All the stories contained within the books on this website are pure fantasy and in no way depict actual events, real people or activities in real life.

All of my Amelia Stark , Laura Sinn and Tor Melati novels contain explicit descriptions of sex acts involving bondage, sadistic  and masochistic behaviour . My Tabatha Wild books are milder but still contain descriptions of some sex acts. All of the books are only suitable for adults over the age of 18 and definitely not for people with delicate sensibilities.

   Blood Cabins                By Tabatha Wild    

Jennifer and the football     Team  by Laura Sinn

Dark Angel    By Tor Melati & Amelia Stark

Crystal Doll Book 3       Blood & Chains

Another Nightmare in South Africa  Amelia Stark   

Nightmare in South Africa      Part Two  Amelia Stark

Restrained 2 (An Interracial  Story)     Laura Sinn

Restrained (An Interracial  Story)     Laura Sinn

 Sheik Salim Husni’s     Harem and Stables 2

 Sheik Salim Husni’s     Harem and Stables 1

Caged & Transported       Arrival  Book 1

Caged & Transported       Begins.  Book 0

Caged & Transported       Revenge.  Book 4

Caged & Transported       New Order.  Book 3

Crystal Doll Book 2       Pony Girls

Crystal Doll Book 1       The Maroon Farm      

Love Desire & Cruelty 2     By Tabatha Wild

Love Desire & Cruelty 1     By Tabatha Wild

   Frisky & The Sheik               Book 2

  Frisky Begins               Book 1

Danger in the Backwoods       Part 1

  Beth, Slave to the        Streets.

The Rubber Club          Part 1        

  Groomed, Trapped,      Enslaved Part 2

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