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All the written material on this web site is sexually explicit and only involves characters over the age of 18. The content includes graphic descriptions of BDSM and other fetishes that may offend you. If in doubt please do not enter.

All the stories contained within the books on this website are pure fantasy and in no way depict actual events, real people or activities in real life.

All of my Amelia Stark , Laura Sinn and Tor Melati novels contain explicit descriptions of sex acts involving bondage, sadistic  and masochistic behaviour . My Tabatha Wild books are milder but still contain descriptions of some sex acts. All of the books are only suitable for adults over the age of 18 and definitely not for people with delicate sensibilities.

Amelia’s Latest Books
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(Part 1: -  Chaos)

Tammy becomes ensnared by a guy she meets on the internet. He tricks her into indulging in some bondage games with her lesbian best friend and the boyfriend of her mother.  For 18+ only

The Final Part is now available on Kindle.

Sheik Husni’s Harem & Stables, Book 5.

(Emirati Slaves)

This story follows the plight of Masumi, a young woman, who has been cajoled by Salim into first becoming his companion and then tricked into restraints, so she can be controlled and made to drive his Pony-girl chariots.  She finds a way to alert Sakkara and Etsuko who immediately put together a plan to rescue her.  Aara Jahid, a stunning dominant, needs Salim’s partnership in an oil deal so sets about grooming her athletic PA, Yusra, so that she can transform her into a Pony-girl to gift to Salim.

The Rubber Club Compendium.

The Hamm brothers are running a clinic, where they enhance their patient’s arousal levels for sex and rubber. Discover the doctor’s methods of how he transforms his patients into rubber sex sluts to serve their dominant partners and provide the members of ‘The Rubber club’ with as much sex as they want. Jenny and Desiree are two such young women who become trapped in a rubber hell. Over 18s only!

Frisky Compendium, Volume 1.

This first Frisky Compendium contains books 1 & 2 in the series. 20 year old Emma wakes up to find that she has been abducted and kitted out in a leather harness and straps. It doesn’t take her long to realize that her abductors are hell bent on transforming her into a Pony-girl. The story details her harsh treatment and how she has to satisfy the sexual needs of her stable companion, Buck. 18+

  Groomed, Trapped,


(The Complete Story)

This is Judy’s complete story, where she is groomed by her boyfriend, Sergio, and becomes trapped by her disastrous situation. From the moment this shy 22 year old meets Sergio and moves in with him, he manipulates & traps her, before drawing her into a violent world of pony girl racing and slavery.

Beth’s Dark

Submission 1

Because Beth was young and beautiful, she could have made much more of her life. However, she fell in with the wrong man, who groomed her towards a life working on the streets of London’s West End. So Beth, a reluctant prostitute, found herself setting off to work on a bitterly cold night, just 2 days before Christmas. Little did Beth realize that there was a sadist prowling the streets...!